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Emergency Management & Emergency Response Plans

“An Emergency Management Plan is a course of action developed to mitigate the damage of potential events that could endanger an organization's ability to function. Such a plan should include measures that provide for the safety of personnel and, if possible, property and facilities. It should also include provisions to assess the severity of an incident and implement steps to eliminate the problem”.

“An Emergency Response Plan is a plan of action for the efficient deployment and coordination of services, agencies and personnel to provide the earliest possible response to an emergency”.

Having these plans in place and personnel aware and suitably trained could save your business or organization money and indeed its future if a disaster strikes!!

Employees or members should be trained so they are familiar with their role and responsibilities as defined within the plans. Team leaders should receive a higher level of training, including Incident Command System training, so they can lead their teams effectively and efficiently.

Our consultants and planners have years of expertise in developing emergency plans for large scale events, sporting events, facilities, commercial and residential properties.


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