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Tabletop Exercises

We offer consultation and facilitation of tabletop exercises that are tailored to fit your organizational or operational requirements.

Tabletop exercises are table-based activities typically held in an informal setting and presented by a facilitator. This type of exercise is intended to generate discussion of various issues regarding a hypothetical, simulated emergency. Tabletops can be used to enhance general awareness, validate plans and procedures, rehearse concepts, and/or assess the types of systems needed to guide the prevention of, protection from, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from a defined incident.

Delivered in a low-stress environment, the tabletop exercise offers participants the opportunity to explore different ideas in the context of a real-world scenario. All participants should be encouraged to contribute to the discussion and be reminded they are making decisions in a “no-fault” environment. 


Effective facilitation is critical to keeping participants focused on exercise objectives. The Facilitator may ask about the decisions made, including how a decision was reached or what implications a decision might have. The exercise ends either when all actions have been discussed or when the time limit is reached. Participant learning is reinforced, and feedback is provided through a hot wash at the conclusion of the exercise.



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