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Incident Command System

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standard command and control system used to manage emergency incidents and planned events. ICS is the network of organizations working cooperatively to maintain a standard Incident Command System that enhances incident management response through improved interoperability.


ICS was initially developed to address problems of inter-agency responses, where weaknesses in incident management were often due to:

•Lack of accountability, including unclear chains of command and supervision.

•Poor communication due to both inefficient uses of communications systems and conflicting terminology.

•Lack of an orderly, systematic planning process.

•No predefined methods to integrate inter-agency requirements into the management structure and planning process

•Freelancing by individuals within the first responding teams without the direction from team leader (IC) and those with specialized skills during an incident and without coordination with other first responders


ICS is interdisciplinary and organizationally flexible to meet the following management challenges:

•Meets the needs of a jurisdiction to cope with incidents of any kind or complexity (i.e. it expands, or contracts as needed).

•Allows personnel from a wide variety of agencies to merge rapidly into a common management structure

•Provide logistical and administrative support to operational staff.

•Be cost effective by avoiding duplication of efforts

•Provide a unified, centrally authorized response to an emergency


Please contact us to discuss your ICS requirements.

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